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consultant & project manager



I am an entrepreneur based in Bali, Indonesia with my wife and 2 kids(8 & 2 years old). We have been here since 2018 and are enjoying the tropical lifestyle.

Since I was 16 years old I have been working within the fashion & lifestyle brand industry. I have gained a comprehensive international network after 20 years of experience in building reputable international brands in the Norwegian market. In my career, I have worked in action sports, Street fashion and high fashion segments, which have given me a solid width in knowledge and network. In my companies, I have focused on ambassador marketing and thus gained a deep understanding and insight into what is needed to build trustworthy cooperation between brands and individuals. Through my companies, I have also been involved in the development and managment of international campaigns with my partners.

I have a passion and expertise for building brands, developing and implementing sales and marketing strategies, leading companies and building solid teams. Through all my businesses I have always focused on understanding and implementing tools to simplify our communication flow and business structure through the use of online managment tools. I have a high working capacity and a broad knowledge field in how to build brands, understanding the use of SaaS systems to create great teams and results.

Areas of expertise:

  • Corporate managment: budgeting, accounting, financial managment

  • Marketing: Strategies, development, implementation, execution, managment

  • Sales: Strategies, development, implementation, execution, managment

  • Project Managment: budgeting, team & affiliate setup, exectuion and managment.

  • Technical insight: graphic design, web-design, SaaS business tools.

  • Team: creating healthy working environment and a team work attitude.



Here is an overview of my current and former companies and positions.




We are a creative duo within photography and videography production

We work with a variation of lifestyle brands from all over the world, and assist them with their needs for content creation.

I am one of the founders and I assist in the creative process with our clients.

In todays marked the need for excellent content is more important than ever before. We live in digital world where we are exposed for brands constantly. We produce content of impeccable quality which stands out in all the noise.


dma agencies AS | from 2014 - 2018

Represented various brands within the fashion accessories segment.

I was the founder and CEO for the company. My team consisted of 4 people, who mainly worked within sales and marketing.

Our expertise was building unique distribution channels and market position for our brand portfolio. We established over 250 retail points for our brands. Launched the brands KOMONO, Happy Plugs and Harper & Brooks in the Norwegian marked. With KOMONO and Harper & Brooks I was also involved in their international brand development through product, concept, marketing and sales strategies.

I also built the business structure through different business managment tools, connecting all parts of the online systems(SaaS/Bank/Warehouse/Online store/etc) creating a setup where everything was connected online and paper free.


buddy distribution AS | from 2006 - 2014

Founder and CEO/Sales & Marketing Manager | Worked exclusively as a distributor of the Swedish Street fashion brand WeSC. We opened 2 brand stores in Oslo, one of which we in 2009 got third place in the NIL interior architect competition. Built the brand to become a well-known and sought after brand in the Norwegian market.

WeSC concept Store Oslo in

Also worked closely with WeSC internationally and their global sales and marketing strategies. During the time I worked with WeSC we accumulated a turnover of 28 million USD in Norway and was their biggest marked in the world per capita.

Built the company from 1 to 20 employees. My two first employees was with me for 9 years. I created the structure and setup of logistics, business managment tools, finance, accounting, budgets, sales & marketing strategies.





I work mainly with established Lifestyle and Fashion brands



I can assist in analysing your company current situation and working with you to develop new strategies and marketing activities to achieve the company goals. I work with a philosophy of creating a holistic and simplified strategy that addresses your internal values and mindset, your digital surfaces (website / e-commerce / social media channels) and/or any physical locations. In today's market where everyone is competing for the attention of the consumers, one must have a clear communication and marketing strategy.




Whether your business is in digital / online or physical sales, I can help develop new strategies to achieve the company goals. I have long experience in sales and operation of physical stores and customer service. Within online / e-commerce sales, I have extensive knowledge and insight into graphic design, web design and how to get all digital surfaces to interact. I work with various specialists in the different areas of Google, Facebook, Instagram, Sqarespace, etc.




I can assist with advice and facilitation for expansion of your business. If your business have stagnated and you struggle with how to proceed, I can assist your company by setting up a structure to take the next step. I can assist in identifying what your strengths / weaknesses are both internally and externally. If you sell physical products, I can assist in analyzing the assortment to identify your strengths / weaknesses and develop a growth / simplification strategy to reach the company goals.