FORAIGN unites the best of two worlds, a sports aesthetic merged with European tailoring, to create a contemporary athleisure and sportswear collection that is luxurious and comfortable, with an edge reflecting an aesthetic with a global view.

But FORAIGN is more than clothing—it’s a brand that encompasses music, art, literature, language, food, and travel, as well as other threads of cultural expression. Ultimately, FORAIGN is a movement reflecting the third cultural wave.

UNTIVE created content for their, campaign and catalog, SoMe channels and online store.


In cities all over the world, there is change afoot, led by global citizens not bound by a single heritage but living a lifestyle that reflects the cultures that influence their lives—the homeland of their parents, the countries where they were raised, and those in which they currently reside. This societal confluence has initiated a cultural wave that span languages, traditions, ideas, locales, trends, and attitudes with fluidity. They’re creating connections and artistic expression built on empathy, respect, and curiosity. This is the world of the Third Culture Kid, they feel at home in cities around the globe, New York, London, Paris, Berlin, or Johannesburg, speak several languages, and have integrated aspects of a host of societies into their own life.

That is what it means to be FORAIGN. It’s a fusion of joie de vivre, customs and innovative international ideas. It’s a community without walls that you can find in a small village or a bustling urban metropolis. It’s the past merged with your present resulting in a future interwoven with promise. It’s both personal and part of a larger collective. It’s a spirit that can inspire you even if your wanderlust is currently a dream and you haven’t left your hometown.