Watch a selection of music videos we have created for various artists. We love creating video and art for our clients.


We went to Mexico and shot the music video for TRXD¨s single "Down with the river". TRXD is a Norwegian production duo made up of Truls Dyrstad (born January 25, 1995) and David Atarodiyan (born January 24, 1992), respectively from Mandal and Oslo. The name ”TRXD” came from the idea ”Truls x David”, and is supposed to represent both of their given names.

The band wanted Stephen to film and create the universe of an ongoing story. 
With a mix of studio, video FX and hand held video recorder vi created this pumping video. 

Gerilja is an alternative rock band from Oslo, Norway. Their songs are about what they were told in the 1980s to expect of the future, so there is constant allusion to retro sci-fi. Their music uses analogue synthesisers instead of the current trend for all-digital studio production.[1] Their stated musical influences are MegadethT-rex and 80's hip hop.[2] 

GERILJA - Elevate 


Madden – Alive

Using the old home and study of Norways famous sculpture artist Gustav Vigeland we made a unique feel.
Recording both instrumental and video "live" and put it together as a intimate concert. Madden is a recording artist who resides in Oslo, Norway. 



Daniel wanted to make a story but put the whole narrative in backwards. We went to Denmark and filmed the whole video in 1 night. Daniel Kvammen is a Norwegian singer/songwriter. He has acclaimed several prices for his music.


This video was one of our most challenging projects. With no budgets and only 1 day to film the entire thing we had our skills challenged. Recorded mostly handheld and with 30 locations we went out on a unforgettable journey. We even met and filmed the legendary  Samantha Fox. (was not planned)  The video won music video of the year 2013 with MVA for Cut and Edit. 


Combating feelings and emotions we wanted to illustrate the emotions of a breakup or just the struggle of a relationship. Using a mix of hand held video and rough cuts it got a unique style.  Jenny Langlo is a Norwegian Actor and singer.

ASLAK- Comme ci comme ca

Using Handheld videocamera and Norways top actor Axel Hennie we made this video for Aslak Hartberg.  Recording the video outside and inside Aslaks home. Aslak Hartberg is a creative music artist. Also known from the Group Klovner i Kamp.