Stephen Butkus wanted a platform to offer his artwork to a broader audience.

Stephen started out documenting subcultures and nightlife around the world at the age of 17. The last 6 years he has focused on his art work and portraiture photography and has come to be one of Scandinavias most progressive and exciting photographers within his field. Stephen is one of the founding partners of Untitled Collective.

The task was to create a platform that portrayed his work according to his style and personality, and also a channel for his audience to purchase his art work as posters.

We are responsible for all aspects of this project. From concept development, webdesign, partner agreements, logistics, customer support, marketing strategy, campaigns and execution.



We work constantly with evolving the selection that is shown on the site. Also every poster comes in a limited edition production of only 50 ex, but still at an affordable price point of only 190USD.